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At DogDance you can find information on HTM and Canine Freestyle. You can also look up the future dates for Attila Szkukalek’s workshops and seminars around the world, view our services, as well as having a look through our products. Meanwhile, you can find take a look at our shop and view our products.

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DogDance Academy

Towards the end of the summer, you will have a brand new platform to learn new handling and training techniques, as well as easy to follow explanations teaching you new commands and much, much more!

With new content being uploaded on a regular basis, it will become an indispensable platform for any competitor or even enthusiast of Canine Freestyle and Heelwork to Music.

Membership system will be up as soon as there is some content to view, so keep an eye on this website an on our Facebook page!


DogDance Team

Black and White Medium rough coat border collie standing in the woods looking at the camera. Fly started Dog Dance
Fly - Border Collie

red and white border collie sat alongside german shepherd cross border collie dog at the beach, both looking at the camera. Both Dog Dance dogs.
Dixi - Border Collie - and Moon - Border Collie X German Shepherd Dog

At DogDance, learn from Attila Szkukalek, the global pioneer of Canine Freestyle, and his dogs; Fly, Dixi and Moon