With Attila Szkukalek and his dogs
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22nd November 2016

What is Dog Dance?

Dog Dance, Canine Freestyle, Heelwork to Music - HTM -, are different names for this relatively new dog sport. K9 Freestyle is a musical performance choreographed to display the dog and handler’s talent, teamwork, creativity, joy, and the bond the team shares. This sport is based on dog obedience and trick training, as the handler performs a character impersonation, story telling or dance routine with his or her dog, making it entertaining and joyful to watch for any audience.

Dog Dance Team

10th October 2016

Welcome to Dog Dance with Attila Szkukalek.

On this website you can find information on HTM and Freestyle, look up the future dates for Attila’s seminars and workshops around the World and have a look through our products.

Dog Dance Team

Black and White Medium rough coat border collie standing in the woods looking at the camera
Fly - Border Collie

red and white border collie sat alongside german shepherd cross border collie dog at the beach, both looking at the camera
Dixi - Border Collie - and Moon - Border Collie X German Shepherd Dog

Learn from Attila Szkukalek, the global pioneer of Canine Freestyle, and his dogs; Fly, Dixi and Moon

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