About Attila Szkukalek, Ph.D.

Attila resides in the UK is an Animal Behaviourist, Trainer, Canine Freestyle Champion, Tutor and Judge. He was a pioneer of K9 Freestyle in the UK, and he revolutionised Canine Freestyle worldwide with his new and unique style.

Nowadays Attila runs his Dog Training and Behaviour Centre in Norwich in the UK - Happy Pets -. Meawhile, he goes around Europe (and the World) Judging Competitions and conducting Seminars and Workshops on the most diverse topics of this much loved sport.




Attila dressed as a huntchback, carrying Fly the border collie about in a field


Freestyle incorporates obedience, agility and handling. So besides great training, a great bond between dog and owner at all levels is necessary, which makes Freestyle one of the most comprehensive dog-sports. 

The majority of Freestyle and Heelwork to Music dogs are clicker-trained. Since the artistic impression is judged, handlers cannot use compulsive training methods which would subdue the dog’s enjoyment and spirit.

  • Unlike many other doggy sports it is open to any type and size of dog and owner to enjoy;
  • There are no compulsory elements or tricks, so you can choose whatever your dog likes to do;
  • It is even easy to practice at home, and I must admit that it can become addictive;
  • Anyone who likes music and moving to music, can do this with his/her dog;
  • Create a great bond with your dog;
  • You can take it on the road and compete;
  • Learn to use uncommon tricks and moves. Hence the illusion of real dance;
  • Being a real dancer is not required;
  • It's all about having fun.

So after all of this, why not giving it a go? 


The long story  How it all started 

What is Canine Freestyle