My Projects


In our DogDance team, we have a lot of ambitious minds, and we like to be able to give you as much material and content as we can. Despite Attila's hard work in Canine Freestyle and Heelwork to Music, he believes that we should be able to use the technology and our knowledge to develop platforms in which you can learn about all sorts of topics.

From the local Canine behaviour and training practice, to the depths of the internet, find all about our projects below below.

Happy Pets

Since setting up Happy Pets  in 1997 we have had 21 years to establish ourselves as pet behaviour and training industry leaders. Due to our excellent reputation most veterinary surgeons as well as the RSPCA and Dogs Trust in Norfolk refer their clients to our dog trainers.

At Happy Pets, we run a variety of courses:

  • Puppy classes
  • Good manners
  • Progress
  • Agility
  • Recall 

And offer individual help with a number of other sports:

  • Canine Freestyle
  • Heelwork to music
  • Search & Retrieve
  • Gundog training
  • Barrel racing
  • Ringcraft

Canine Experts

An online tool developed initially to aid the Happy Pets costumers. At Canine Experts, you can have access to all the exercises you're been taught in class at Happy Pets. You can also learn new and exciting exercises to increase your bond with your dog, and to expand on what you already know.

The aim now is to reach the wider community, offering a number of video tutorials on a number of topics including:

  • Puppy training,
  • Adult dog training and
  • Agility.

The website is functional, but due to personal complications, these advancements have been delayed. We hope to start adding new material near the summer (2018).

DogDance Academy

Along side Canine Experts, we hope to launch a new wave of video material with a ton of content to our new platform

This new site is completely dedicated to the Canine Freestyle and Heelwork to Music competitors, enthusiasts and fans.

In here you can learn tips, tricks, and a lot of workshop material on DogDance, BTB-T (Bridge-Target-Barrier Training), as well as a lot of other topics such as Attention, Coordination and Stamina, and how to develop your creativity to create your own routines.