Rhythmic Paws 2


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Rhythmic Paws 2 / Pattes Rythmees 2

In this exciting follow up to the highly successful ‘Rhythmic Paws’ DVD, Attila Szkukalek Ph.D, an Animal Behaviorist, Trainer, Canine Freestyle Champion and International Judge and Tutor, extends his training to distance and advanced moves. Now with Rhythmic Paws 2, you can learn how to teach your dog:

  •  To move away from you in different directions and positions;
  • To perform different moves at a distance;
  • To perform advanced and innovative moves seen in the Gladiator routine;
  • To ultimately perform in a choreographed routine with music.

All exercises are shown step by step, and it is easy to follow for both beginner and experienced handlers.

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English, Deutsche, Français