Rhythmic Paws



Rhythmic Paws (eng)


Would you like to:

  • Enrich your dog’s Behavioural Repertoire?
  • Develop an exceptional bond between you and your dog?
  • Choreograph and present a canine freestyle routine?

If your answer is YES for any of these then this video is definitely for you, and your dog will certainly say a big thanks. The exercises and tricks shown on this video are suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, and owners of all abilities.


Attila Szkukalek is an animal behaviourist and trainer, canine freestyle tutor and winner of both National and International competitions. He will guide you through different training methods for teaching your dog over 40 moves and tricks, such as weaves, spins, twists, wiggles, whirls and others. All of the exercises are broken down into easy to learn patterns. In addition, Attila shows how to use variations of the learned sequences and 2 of his astonishing routines, while giving a lot of tips on training and choreography.

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