DogDance Workshop

DogDance means wagging tails, fun and happy dogs and people!

It doesn't matter what background you and your dog have, what breed, size or temperament your dog has. Every owner and every dog can get involved in, and enjoy this sport!

If you like Music and your dog likes to be active, you can start right away. I hope you enjoy dancing, moving, bonding and having fun with your dog.

You will learn:;

  • Warm-up, cool down, stretching and coordination exercises;
  • Foundation skills upon which new freestyle behaviours (moves) can be built;
  • Work on motivation; teaching motivating and calming signals; how to prepare the dog to enter the ring;
  • How to build working stamina;
  • Teaching moves with accuracy and precision; practice short sequences while improve the dog’s enthusiasm, accuracy and precision;
  • Train a repertoire of freestyle moves through step-by-step instructions and coached practice;
  • Performance heeling, through step-by-step instructions and coached practice;
  • Create sequences and movement phrases;
  • Learn and practice fluent transitions;
  • How to choreograph your routine;
  • Choosing the right music;
  • Matching the music with moves;
  • Performing the movement phrases in space;
  • Creative choreography; choreography on given themes, music;
  • Individual problem solving, choreographing; working individually with each participants for 25-45 minutes depending on the number of participants and the requirements: e.g. for choreography it's one to one. With some exercises, several people might be able to learn and practice at the same time;
  • Anything to add by participants or organisers.


Copy me & tricks

Dogs are social animals and research has shown that in addition to associative (operant and classical) conditioning they also learn by imitating, copying other dogs as well as their human companions.

Please teach your dog 6 exercises to perform on verbal command, without any visual sign, before the start of the workshop.

Exercises suggestions to choose from:

  • 2-4 object related exercises - e.g. walk around or touch a cone or chair with paw or nose; jump on a platform or chair; step or touch a paw target; jump over a pole.
  • 2-4 body movements - e.g. twist, lie down, bow, sit, lift paw.

The workshop consists of two phases:

  1. During the first part you will teach your dog to copy your movement for all 6 exercises (make sure they vary from object related and body movement exercises) that your dog already knows on verbal signal, without showing any visual sign!
  2. Once your dog has learned to copy your actions, then you can show and teach new exercises, sequences using the copy / imitation training technique.

During the workshop your dog can learn new exercises, tricks: bring my slippers, beer, mail, etc.; ring the bell, switch on the light, roll into a blanket, push and pull, pick up and carry objects, wave “good bye”, and many more.

Benefits of teaching dogs with the “Copy me” technique:

Dogs learn extraordinarily fast - especially object related exercises - by copying the model. Plus, less frustration is involved than when learning by operant (e.g. clicker training) learning. In addition, your dog will learn to pay attention to you and concentrate, as it has to watch you and memorise, to then repeat what you show him. This will lead to your dog becoming calm and tuned to you, resulting in an astonishing bond.

The “Copy me” workshop has been a huge success, since Attila started running it a couple years ago. Join us to have fun, learn new training skills and teach your dog to copy your actions.

Bridge-Target-Barrier Training  (BTB-T)

Attila has developed the BTB-Training training system that combines the components of different training techniques such as capturing, shaping, luring, target and barrier training.

BTB-Training ensures that dogs learn exercises in a fast efficient way and enjoy the learning process, as they do not get frustrated.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to use BTB-T in teaching dogs different disciplines and why it is beneficial to use this technique.

Objectives: To give the participants a thorough understanding and to sharpen their general training and BTB-T training skills.

  • Understanding Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Reinforcements; how to condition “Keep going” or “Continue” signals and when to use them. Efficacy of “Continue” signals versus Shaping;
    • Using reinforcers to reinforce movement and position - when to click and when and where to deliver the reward.
  • Exercises to practice and sharpen the trainer’s reinforcing skills - using primary and secondary reinforcers;
  • Targets and barriers - what they are and how to use them to achieve fast and precise learning in different dog disciplines;
    • Teaching multiple criteria with accuracy and speed. For example teaching heelwork with 4 criteria at the same time, using bridges, targets and barriers;
    • Using BTB-T to avoid frustration and displacement behaviours such as barking.
  • Conditioning cues as discriminative stimuli (commands) and cues as continue signals, tertiary reinforcers.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with clicker training, and physical and mental ability to concentrate and work during the duration of the workshop for 2 days.

Attila has presented and used the BTB-T technique for the purpose of training family and competition dogs for various disciplines as well as for the rehabilitation of problem dogs and the seminars have been a huge success. Join us to have fun and improve your training skills.


Motivation, attention, coordination & stamina

This workshop will benefit any dog. From family dogs to working or competition dogs fromn any dog sport. During the workshop, dogs (and handlers) will learn to concentrate and be motivated to respond to their owners, perform at faster or lower speed and with precision, also aiming to eliminate barking during performance.

Motivation, attention, coordination and stamina is also very beneficial for family dogs, which are trained to become responsive and easy to live with companions. The participating dogs will develop emotional control, learn to concentrate and improve their coordination, strength and physical and mental stamina. Most importantly, you and your dog will achieve this while having fun.


  • To become focused and motivated to work by conditioning start and finish signals;
  • We will teach attention exercises and develop concentration and stamina that your dog will be able to work for long periods;
  • To learn to relax and not to waste their energy;
  • We will practice exercises to develop coordination, muscular flexibility and core strength;
  • And last but not least we will teach how to warm-up and cool-down your dog to avoid muscular and skeletal injuries and perform to their physical abilities.

The inspiration to creation journey

(unleash your creativity)


In his workshop, Attila reveals the secrets and teaches you how to develop your dog into a show-topping performer, as well as show you how to compose championship winning freestyle and heelwork to music routines.

Attila breaks down the process of creating a winning routine into easily understood steps. His workshops are well known for their creative, stimulating and inspiring environment where participants enrich their movement repertoire, and learn the dance composition elements that enables them to create their own dazzling routines.

This workshop focuses on unleashing your creativity.

You will learn to:

  • Create attention grabbing themes, stories, dance movements;
  • Translate your ideas into exciting moves, motifs and phrases;
  • know the right moves that express your theme;
  • Develop moves for you that match the your style, phrase and follow the rhythm of the music;
  • Give importance to transitions in order to accomplish the perfect performance;
  • Practice variations of moves and presentation in space to find the best moves and ways to show your movement phrases and routine.

At the end of the day, you will be equipped with the skills and the know-how to put those great ideas into action. You and your dog will benefit from participating in this stimulating and challenging seminar.