Rhythmic Paws 2




As a follow-up to the best seller Rhythmic Paws 1 video. Dr. Attila Szkukalek extends his training to distance and advanced moves. Now with the help of the Rhythmic Paws 2, you can teach to:
– Run large circles in different directions.
– Move away from you forwards, backwards and sideways in different directions.
– Perform a variety of moves at a distance.
– Introduce new and fade old cues.
– Ultimately perform a choreographed routine with music.

All exercises are shown step by step and it is easy to follow for both beginner and experienced handlers.
You will both have a lot of fun while learning and practicing the exercises and sequences shown on this DVD. These moves are suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
Dr. Attila Szkukalek is an Animal Behaviourist, Trainer, Canine Freestyle Tutor and Judge. Attila was the pioneer of K9 Freestyle in the UK and he revolutionised freestyle worldwide with his new, unique style.


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